The Requisites of Enlightenment

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The author states, "If the Tipitaka [is] condensed, and the essentials extracted, the thirty-seven bodhipakkhiya-dhamma (Requisites of Enlightenment) are obtained.... [They] should be practiced with energy and determination by those persons who wish to cultivate Tranquillity and Insight and thus make worthwhile the rare opportunity of rebirth as a human being within the present Buddha Sasana.

The Noble Eightfold Path and its Factors Explained / Out of Print

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In this booklet the Buddha's own definition of the Four Noble Truths and the path are quoted and explained in depth. The author says in the preface that he wrote this treatise …in compliance with the requests of Englishmen who have entered the Buddhist order of monks, for elucidation of the Noble Eightfold Path.

Paperback, 92 pages
Published by Buddhist Publication Society
Publication date: 1977
Out of Print

Buddhist Philosophy of Relations

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"The Patthanuddesa Dipan" is Ledi Sayadaw's treatment of one of the most difficult and complex subjects of Theravada Buddhist thought -- the philosophy of conditional relations. The Patthana, the seventh and last book of the Abhidhamma Pitaka, works out the relations in six large volumes. In the present slim volume the Venerable Ledi Sayadaw has extracted the essential principles underlying this vast system and explained them concisely but comprehensively, with lucid illustrations for the Patthana's twenty-four conditional relations."

The Manuals of Dhamma

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A collection of writings from the great meditation master and Abhidhamma scholar Venerable Ledi Sayadaw. Ledi Sayadaw was an invaluable link in the chain of teachers that in modern times has included Sayagyi U Ba Khin and S.N. Goenka. 
The Manuals of Dhamma includes The Manual of the Four Noble Truths, The Manual of the Factors Leading to Enlightenment, The Manual of Right Views and more. 
The reader will find a great treasure of information as well as inspiring guidance for the practice of Dhamma.
Published by: Vipassana Research Institute
Softcover, 272 pages
ISBN: 8174142029

The Noble Eightfold Path the way to end of suffering Bhikkhu Bodhi

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A Manual of the Excellent Man

Uttamapurisa Dipani

Ledi Sayadaw