Hills of Dhamma

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Karuna Films

"Hill of Dhamma" is a short documentary (17 min.) about Vipassana meditation, shot at Dhammagiri, S.N. Goenka's main center in India. Originally intended for television broadcast in Myanmar, people everywhere have found this professionally produced video very inspiring.

About Karuna Films
Karuna Films Ltd. was founded by two Vipassana students from Israel who have travelled around the world filming at Vipassana centers and other course sites. They have hundreds of hours of raw footage waiting for post-production.

This 16-minute documentary film entitled Hill of Dhamma tells about the technique of Vipassana itself, the 10 day courses and Dhamma Giri the first
Center to be established in India after this technique was returned from Myanmar (formerly Burma) where it has been preserved for over 2,000 years.

PAL VHS Video, 16 minutes
Produced by Karuna Films
ISBN 0-9649484-1-9

Islands of Dhamma

A video tour of permanent centres teaching Vipassana. Karuna Films 1998.  40 mins

The Compass

Children learn Vipassana. 1997 12 mins

Introduction to Vipassana

An introduction, a public talk by S.N.Goenka with questions and answers, and interviews with students before and after a 10-day course.  To inform and encourage people to attend a 10-day course. 65 mins

Public Talk 1 by S N Goenka

L B S Academy, Mussoorie. 58 mins & 28 mins Question & Answers. 1998 

Public Talk 2 - by S N Goenka

Dhamma Sikhara, Dharamsala. 48 mins & 10 mins Question & Answers.1998

Messenger of Dhamma/ Out of Print

S.N. Goenka's Visit to the United Kingdom, 2000

A documentary showing Goenkaji's visit to the British Vipassana center, Dhamma Dipa, and various events in London during his visit in 2000.

Running Time 30:00

Published by: Vipassana Research Publications
Publication Date: July  2000

Pilgrimage to the Sacred Land

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Karuna Films

In 2000, hundreds accompanied S. N. Goenka on a pilgrimage through Myanmar (Burma) to visit the sacred sites of teachers who preserved the teaching of Vipassana. In commermorating the centenary of Sayagyi U Ba Khin, they traveled to sites where the teachers Saya Thetgyi, Webu Sayadaw and Ledi Sayadaw meditated and taught. This moving and inspirational video documents the long, sometimes arduous, fulfilling journey.

Running time: 42 minutes
Published by:  Karuna Films
Publication Date: April  2002