Prince Siddhartha

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By Jonathan Landaw & Janet Brooke.

Publisehd by Wisdom Publications, 2005
No of pages: 152

The story of the boy who grew up to become the Buddha. Told in simple words and beautifully illustrated.

Twenty Jataka Tales

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Retold by Noor Inayat Khan
A collection of Jatakas chosen for their non-violent character, these stories are restated in beautiful simple language. Ages 7-12. Illustrated and told clearly and simply. New Edition.

Published by: Inner Traditions International
Paperback: 152 pages
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0892813237

Best of Friends - A Jataka Tale

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By Dhamma Publication

ISBN : 0898001870
No of pages : 32

Being gentle and kind, the woodpecker helps the lion in a time of difficulty, with no thought of thanks or reward. However, the greedy lion thinks only of himself and neglects to return the favour, but the woodpecker still calls him friend and refuses to get angry.

"Kindness regards everyone as a friend, even those who do not understand kindness. If your heart is gentle and true all beings will gladly trust in you. If you count as friends everyone you meet, your happiness will be complete."


Courageous Captain - A Jataka Tale

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Published by: Dhamma Publications

Crossing dangerous seas, an aged sea captain teaches a crew of ardent young men in search of treasure that wisdom and good actions are far more reliable than emotional hopes and fears.

The Fish King’s Power of Truth - A Jataka Tale

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Publisher: Dharma Publishing
ISBN: 0898001447
No. of Pages: 32

In a lotus-filled lake lived a compassionate king of fishes, devoted to the happiness and well-being of all in his realm. When his fish are endangered by a great drought, the fish king draws upon the power of virtue to bring about a great rain. The lake is restored, and all its creatures are saved.


Golden Foot - A Jataka Tale

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By Nazli Gellek and adapted by Karen Stone, illustrated by Rosalyn White

Published by: Dhamma Publication
ISBN : 0898002524
No of Pages : 24
Size : 280 x 214mm
Published : 1976

A faithful doe offers her life to save a royal stag. Golden Foot was a magnificent stag and many hundreds of deer followed him as their king. Then one day a crafty hunter caught him in a trap. The faithful doe stayed with him and offered her own life to the hunter in exchange for the stag, whose subjects needed him. Stunned by this selfless act, the hunter grants their freedom and learns to give up killing.


The Rabbit in the Moon - A Jataka Tale

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By Rosalyn White

Published by: Dhamma Publications
ISBN : 0898001919
No of pages : 32
Published : 1989

Rabbit teaches his animal friends to be kind and his unselfish deed of offering himself for food to a hungry stranger is rewarded when he is placed in the moon for all to see. So every month when the moon is full, the shape of the rabbit with the purest of hearts can be seen in the silvery moon to remind the world of the power of selflessness.

Great Gift and the Wish Fulfilling Gem - A Jataka Tale

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Published by: Dhamma Publication
ISBN-10: 0898001579
No of Pages: 32
Published: December 1986

A child of India seeks a legendary gem with the power to satisfy human needs and open the way to happiness and peace.

Heart of Gold - A Jataka Tale

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Jataka Tales

Published by: Dhamma Publication

A rich man's generosity is tested when his possesions all disappear. Poverty only makes him work harder to help those in need. When his wealth is restored its benefits extend far and wide.

The Hunter and the Quail - A Jataka Tale

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Published by: Dhamma Publication

Using a net, a hunter captured many birds each day. Following a wise quail's advice, the birds learned that by cooperating, they could lift up the net and escape. But arguments arose among some birds, and they were soon trapped. Those who refrained from quarreling lived safely and in peace.

The Magic of Patience - A Jataka Tale

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By Dhamma Publication
Paperback, 20 pages
ISBN 0-89800-250-8

A gentle buffalo, tormented by a mischievous monkey, refrains from harming the monkey. By demonstrating the strength of patience the buffalo finally awakens the monkey's natural goodness.

The Parrot and the Fig Tree

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Jataka Tales

Testing a parrot's loyalty to a fig tree, Shakra, king of the gods, destroys the tree and encourages the parrot to abandon it. Seeing the parrot's love for the tree, Shakra honors the bird and restores the tree's beauty. Ages 4-8.

Published by: Dharma Publishing
Publication Date: 1972

The Power of a Promise - A Jataka Tale

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Published by Dhamma Publishing
ISBN: 0898001978
No of pages: 32

Armed only with his love of telling the truth, a young prince confronts a wild half-lion, half-human warrior who terrifies everyone with his uncontrollable anger. Through his example of honesty and good will, the boy changes the wild man's heart and inspires him to become a noble prince.

A Treasury of Wise Action - A Jataka Tale

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Published by: Dharma Publishing
Published: 1993
No of pages: 165
ISBN-10: 0898002249

A collection of twenty-two Jataka tales illustrating that principled and compassionate actions give the best results in our own lives and the lives of others. Ages 9-12.
By their actions, the great-spirited heroes of these tales transform difficult situations and create harmony in the world. Each story demonstrates that all we think and do has an effect on our lives and those of others.


Secret of Healing Treasures (King Gesar Series)

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Publisher : Dharma Publishing
Author : Julie Witwer
No of Pages: 32
Published: December 1996
ISBN: 0898001579

Tibetan epic tale of King Gesar.  In his quest to free an enslaved kingdom from powerful magicians and release its wondrous healing herbs, young King Gesar must conquer a nine-headed snake and save a wise princess.